Tiktok is one of the leading social media networks of the past couple of years. Yet, why do some marketers make the mistake of writing it off?

Soon after its creation, TikTok began to receive mixed reviews. However, TikTok’s track record over the last years is poised to change that narrative. That’s not only because of its growing usage but also due to the exposure marketers, brands and musicians have on the platform. That allured many new marketers, businesses and brands towards the new platform.

But, it does not come without its fair share of challenges. To use TikTok efficiently, one must understand how to strategize content creation for it. Aside from that, people with no experience in such a large social media platform are bound to commit to common mistakes. So, today we are going to look at some of the common troubles of newbies on the platform and how to build content for TikTok the right way.


Not Focusing On Making Original Content

One of the major mistakes that new TIktokers make, especially those using it for marketing purposes, is a huge lack of original content. While it features a variety of memes, musical and dance content, using them for marketing or promotion is no easy task. That is where your creativity is put to test. Now, doing what someone else is doing is being a blatant copy-cat and it can hurt your business in the long-term of things. Which is why your focus should be on making original and creative content. That is why you should:

  • Channel your creativity 
  • Understand your strong points
  • Target your audience’s favourite music, dances and memes
  • Focus on originality

That last one is perhaps the most important point out of all. Because the more original you are, the more streams you get from TikTok.

Not Having a Hook To Your Videos

Starting off on the right foot is the most important aspect of a TikTok video. Because watch time is a key element of having your video go viral, it’s important to catch people’s attention fast – and get them to stick around. So, make sure your videos follow the guidelines of a good TikTok video to make the most out of your content.

Making It Too Much About Yourself Or Your Product

For marketers, it is key to exploit the means that they have at their hand. Now, it works well with other social media, but TikTok relies heavily on entertainment. The more you entertain your target audience, the higher your chances of making the sale would be. However, what is the common mistake here? Making it too much about the product. Which turns the users off and drives them away from you. No matter which platform you use, making it too much about your product and less about the content is always a bad idea. Which is why you have to ensure you keep a balance between the two, with the scales tipping more towards content and less towards your product.

Not Affiliating With Other TikTokers

As soon as a brand or company takes off on Tiktok, they think they are by themselves. Getting too arrogant about your product or content is never going to help you. Sooner or later, it would get in your way and halt your progress. What can you do to make sure that doesn’t happen? Avoid not collaborating with other TIktokers. Some report that influencer marketing on TikTok is the leading profit yielding strategy for many. Therefore, you need to prioritize affiliating and collaborating with fellow TIktokers. 

Not Choosing Your Audience Wisely

In any sort of online marketing, a strategy falls flat on its face is when the marketer does not understand the audience thoroughly. The audience of TikTok is not your average social media target market where you have to be level headed and dull at all times. The majority of the audience on TikTok is around ages 10-29, with 33% falling in the age groups of 10-19. Which means your average advertising methods are futile. So, choose your audience wisely and understand the type of content that they like.

Lack Of Using Ongoing Trends

TikTok has many trends and not all of them are suitable for marketing. Because not everything can be sold with a dance or what musicians post on TikTok. However, not using the ongoing trends is a recipe for trouble, particularly the lack of using hashtags. Which is why you need to stay in the loop. Make sure you are constantly staying in touch with the things that occur day in and out on Tiktok.