TikTok built a 1 billion user empire on the interaction between music and video content. In its formative years, it was an engine for growth for many artists and remains one until this day. In 2019, almost every song on the Billboard Top 200 chart had a TikTok campaign strategy around it and 2021 won’t be different.

Here are some great ways to make sure your music is best promoted on TikTok:

  1. Optimize your track through Distro
  2. Create TikToks that interact with your sound
  3. Start a challenge
  4. Get influencers to post videos with your sound
  5. Build a community and reward fans that use your sound

Optimizing your track for TikTok:

When submitting your track to your distributor, make sure to pick the best minute of the song. Think of the song as a soundtrack to cool videos and adjust to that. For example, if you have a transition that drops into a dope chorus – pick the sound to start there, as long as the drop hits in the first 10 seconds. This will help content creators setup before.

Create TikToks that interact with your sound:

TikTok was built on the interaction of sounds and content. When you put the 2 in context – you can get some amazingly viral results. Take for example this video – that brought Fleetwood Mac a massive increase in streams. The key is to create authentic content that engages the sound within the video.

Start a Challenge:

Starting a challenge is hard, and doesn’t always work. With that being said – when it takes off – the results can be AMAZING! There are a few different kinds of challenges (dance challenges, greenscreen challenges, and about a million different ones) – and most of the successful ones have something in common – THEY ARE STICKY! When organizing a challenge try taking into account these factors:

  • Is it relatable?
  • Is it easy to copy/put different spins on?
  • Does it interact with the music?

Based on that – you can try and take your viral TikTok challenge to other TikTok Creators.

Get Influencers to post videos with your sound:

Getting high-profile TikTok creators (or TikTok Influencers) to post videos with your sound doesn’t have to be hard! There are several different platforms out there that help musicians connect with influences. If you have a great challenge already on the app – they might even hop on for free 🙂

Build a community and reward fans that use your sound

TikTok is a massive social media with thousands of niches. By carving your own niche you can amplify your voice to your immediate community, grow a following and rack up views. Reward users using your sound by dueting with them or even stitching with positive comments. Fans will appreciate it (provided you’re authentic) and might even start following you outside of TikTok.

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