Growing a TikTok following can be a challenge, but we can help you get over the line.

Tiktok is a major social media platform for musicians, and if you don’t agree with that, you’re in denial. Not only because stats suggest it, but also because of its growing usage, the artists it broke and the correlation between TikTok songs and the top 200 charts. If you want to put TikTok’s growth in perspective, then think of this: In February of 2019 alone, TikTok went from 269th to 4th on the list of top social media networks.

However, as TikTok grows, so does the difficulty of cultivating a following. Not only does it pose more of a challenge with each passing day, looking at a plethora of information might overwhelm some people. Therefore, we decided to help you out by making a plan. This plan is not meant to help you become famous instantly, but more intended to help you grow a following on TikTok while carving your own niche. So, what is the recipe for doing it? Let us give you a glimpse.


Developing A Strategy
Much like any social media platform, TikTok requires a thorough strategy as well. It still has the feeling of a rising platform and the promise that it poses is immense. Yet, using all of the features and leading traits of the platform is no easy task. From affiliation to using built-in ads, selecting the right options and playing the right cards holds the utmost importance. Then how do we help you? By creating a thorough strategy. The experts of Pushtok are well-versed with the nooks and crannies of TikTok and building a following on it. Which is why we help you make a strategy that covers all the grounds of developing a following.

Setting Up Your Profile
The first step of the process is setting up your profile. You need to make sure you get all of the things right. Aside from account security and privacy, it is important to keep your bio short and stout. Make sure you have your music streaming links and Instagram in your bio so when people do find you – they can filter to other platforms as well.

Spend at Least 30 Minutes Per Day On The App Before You Start Posting

By watching videos on TikTok, you’ll start understanding how content works on TikTok. What makes a good piece of content go viral, and how to duplicate it. Don’t skimp on this step! Not only will you learn some important tricks about creation on TikTok, you’ll also figure out your niche and who are some potential collaborators within your niche.

Researching Your Target Audience\Niche

One of the leading factors that help you grasp how to blow up on TikTok is how well it recognizes its target audience. More importantly, even the audience comes pouring in itself if you understand and pick your niche properly. Which is why it holds the utmost importance to research a lot. Not only about your target audience which is most likely between ages 10-29, but also about your niche. Some of the generic niches on TikTok are:

  • Memes
  • Musical videos
  • Dance videos
  • Tutorials & How-tos
  • Arts & craft

There are also some more specific niches:

  • Horror related content
  • Social media marketing content
  • Magic trick tutorials
  • And basically almost every other niche you can think of…

So, if you’re a musician looking to create for TikTok, you can always find your own niche. You’ll need to make sure your niche is according to your talents or skills.

Planning Your Activity: Frequent Posting
For artists who want to use it to grow a following, using TikTok requires understanding of one important thing: frequent & relevant posting. Tiktok is a free social media network, but to understand how to grow your following on TikTok, you need to spend a lot of time and effort making original content. That is when a strategy comes in handy and helps you make original content frequently. Make sure you always have enough content for at least the next 2 weeks. By creating your content in batches, you can drip your videos to your fans while focusing on creating the next batch of content.

Affiliation & Collaboration With Fellow TIktokers

One of the best ways to blow up on TikTok is by collaborating with existing TikTokers. While for a new user it might be a bit of a trouble to grow your TikTok fast, Pushtok can help you get connected with the right influencers. So, visit sign up to our platform today to start connecting with TikTok creators, launch TikTok marketing campaigns and learn how to grow your TikTok account.