Boosting your TikTok video can yield AMAZING results. Besides getting massive exposure for your videos, boosting can also help you grow your TikTok following, get more profile visit – and if the video calls for it – even Spotify and other DSP traffic.

How does it work?
We use our platform to get your video more impressions on the For You Page on TikTok. The more people see your amazing content – the more followers and fans you’re going to get! This isn’t magic – unless you consider highly targeted ads to be magic 🙂

Who is going to see my video?
Your video will be shown to people in the countries you choose and in the age groups you select. We recommend you choose your countries based on the language of your video and leave the age groups as inclusive as possible.

Will people see this as an ad?

Yes! TikTok ads appear very “native” – but they still have the indication of being an ad.

Will PushTok have access to my TikTok Profile?

No! We just need a code for the specific video you’d like to boost. The code enables us to boost this post for a certain period of time, and you can cancel it at any time.

What kind of content should I boost?

We wrote a whole other blog about how to choose your boost video – but to summarize – choose a video that doesn’t have a long lead-in or a complicated intro. Keep your message short and concise by answering 3 questions:

Who are you?
Why should they care?
What do you want them to do?

Will I be able to boost any post?

Almost – TikTok has some guidelines so make sure you read through them here. If those are too long we tried to summarize them for you here:

  • Avoid using vulgar/explicit language
  • Don’t use videos that reveal too much skin or appear too sexual
  • Be mindful of your grammar (that includes capitalization – TikTok’s algorithm is very picky about that) both on screen and in your captions
  • Avoid showing alcohol, tobacco and drug use
  • When spelling the word TikTok – make sure to use the correct brand “TikTok”, not Tik Tok, tiktok, TIKTOK, or any of the above combinations
  • Avoid using too many logos, emojis and effects on your videos