Trying to figure out the right content to boost? We’ll help you get the best results by choosing a powerful video to help you get more fans!

The initial goal for “Boost” is to help bring as many new fans into your artist brand. So we’ll be focusing on that first.

Discovery ads:

Generally speaking – these ads should answer a few questions
1. Who are you?
2. Why should we care?
3. What is your mission?
4. How can they help?

For example – this video by LOLO can help make sense of it all:

As you can see – one possible structure can be:

Who you are  as a Short introduction
Why you should care – why I became an artist
What is my mission – get my music heard
How can people help – check out my music

Other artists on TikTok use a different structure for their videos by using a powerful “hook” to keep people engaged, and then setting a mission and call-to-action. Check out this example:



Dear Gen Z, we need your help.

♬ No Cap - Blake and Miles

A few indicators to indicate that your video is going to perform well as a boosted post are:

1. It already went viral or somewhat viral (over 50k views)
2. The video operates well in a specific niche (here’s a good example)
3. The video has a sense of urgency

Feel free to check out this amazing video Keralanka posted:



We did NOT expect this to blow up as much as it has - here’s a thank you gift for y’all! ❤️ ##fyp ##viral ##theycallmetiago

♬ original sound - Keralanka

If you’re having a hard time deciding between 2 videos or just want some advice – we started this Facebook group just for that – so feel free to hop in and get input from some folks.

If you’re ready to start boosting – I’ll see you on the FYP!!