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Dia Morgan - Incredible

Dia’s song is all about believing in yourself before there’s actual proof – and this campaign defintily helped Dia prove herself! Her viral success on TikTok helped propel her release forward and gain hundreds of new fans in less than 2 weeks!

  • TikTok Impact

    900,000 views & 8,000 new followers

  • Comments and visits

    4,000 comments & over 5,000 link-in-bio visits

  • Spotify Impact

    1,200 new Spotify followers & over 4,000 streams on the first week!

Alex Kade - Found.

Reigniting old videos can yield results quickly, get the right fans in the door and make sure they stay!

Alex Kade’s latest release Found, got a lot of attention when it first came out – but since then died out. We re-ignited their viral video on the FYP and watched it explode again.

  • TikTok Impact

    700,000 views & 4,000 new followers

  • Youtube Impact

    500 streams from 321 unique viewers & 45 new subscribers

  • Spotify Impact

    164 new Spotify followers & a 200% increase in daily streams

Choosing your video

Put your best foot forward

Choose a video that showcases who you are as an artist

Give fans a reason to care

Your video should explain the story behind your artistic mission

Call your viewers into action

Rally your fans around your cause and have them take action

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