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a case study on how to 10x listeners

Growing on TikTok requires a multi-tiered approach to content strategy

You can do this with a mix of being culturally relevant, templatized approach and consistent messaging - all formatted for discovery based short-form platforms.

Short Form Content Can Be Easy

One of the biggest advantages with discovery based platforms is the ability to reach new people consistently. There are a few factors we found to have the most impact.

Understanding and implementing these key elements can elevate your content and create intentional fans that want to consume your music, not just your short-form content.


Finding what's culturally appropriate to post on this specific medium and to the specific community you're trying to connect with


Will someone that doesn't know who you are and doesn't care about you or your art stay and watch the whole video or at least most of it?


Can this piece of content stay with the viewer after they watched it? What will get the viewer to want to hit that profile button and check out more content?

How we approached this project:

Having a consistent framework of content requires a steady supply of “hooks”. Sourcing content hooks needs to happen around the subject matter of the song, the artist or adjacent cultural aspects.

The way into someone's FYP

We found that using a piece of content that provides social proof, context or shock value from someone else - helps frame your music in an easy to digest way for TikTok users and the algorithm to digest.

Getting millions of engaged views alone doesn't always convert - but when the subject matter of your videos is the music - you get results like this:

i hope yall can relate this world is wicked and takes too many lives too early 🖤 Thank yall for support

♬ original sound - CNN Mikey

Seeing success? REPLICATE IT!

music needs ubiquity to really sink in

That's why one viral moment isn't always enough to convert a listener.

Considering that, building a replicable content framework is KEY

converting listeners takes multiple points of contact

Ask yourself - How fast can you churn out more content?

Want to 10x your listeners?

we can create your content and make sure it reaches to the right people too


Can PushTok make all my content for me?

Yes! We’re can help you

  • Script repeatable content
  • Edit & Optimize your content
  • Post content for you

How much do I have to film?

Most artists don’t have to film everything if they have 3-4 high quality music videos and a few performance videos. If you don’t – you might have to film a few lip-synced videos or have our team film them for you!

Will I have to film dances/trends?

Nope! We actually find that dances, trends and other non-musical related pieces of content usually don’t convert

How long does it take to get the content?

Usually we can have videos ready to go within a week of PushTok getting all the editing materials?

Can you repost my content to IG or Youtube?

Yes! Ask our team about our reposting options

Will PushTok run ads on my account?

Some of our packages include hyper-targeted TikTok ads that accelerate your growth