frequently asked questions


To sign up click here, then select the type of account you need – fill in your information and wait for our verification email. Once you verified your account, you’ll be able to use the platform and create some viral videos.

Musicians can chat and connect with Creators to book viral campaigns to promote their song on TikTok. Creators can receive payments on the platform, receive offers and more…

Musicians can also advertise their TikTok videos using the Boost feature.

The platform 100% free for both Musicians and Creators. Musicians can chat with as many Creators as they want and will only have to pay for the campaigns they run.

Contact our team via email and someone will help you setting up your campaign.

Artists, Labels and Managers

There are 2 ways to find your sound link

On Mobile:
1. Find your sound on TikTok
2. Click the share icon on the top right of the screen
3. Click “Copy Link”

On Desktop
1. Find your sound on TikTok
2. Copy the link on your URL line

To get your song on TikTok, contact your music distributor and ask about TikTok distribution. You can also upload sounds on your own, though it is not recommended.

TikTok is all about CONTEXT! Any genre can be successful on TikTok if we frame it correctly. Because TikTok’s algorithm optimizes video delivery to niche audiences, any genre can work.

Payments are processed through Stripe. When musicians pay Creators, PushTok holds to the payment until the post exceeded its target view-count or until the musician approved the submission.

We recommend musicians plan to launch their campaign 3-6 weeks in advance and not earlier than 1 week.

You can track your campaign on your offers page on the app, or on the platform’s dashboard. You can also use the Sound Analyzer to get some additional data to track your sound

We encourage our Creators to do the best to get you the results you deserve. If a video did not reach its view-count goal within a week, contact us and we’ll either refund or credit your account.


Anyone can sign up to be a PushTok Creator, but we reserve the right to approve or disapprove any Creators we see fit. Generally speaking we’re looking for Creators that get over 15,000 views steadily.

Creators get paid through Stripe, after their videos are completed.

Sure – we want to empower your creative side. If a project isn’t a good fit for you, feel free to reject it.

We price out our Creators based on their current TikTok performance. Our prediction model takes into account your previous videos and predicts how many views your next video is likely to have. We will charge the musician based on that.

PushTok might approach you with other opportunities. If you don’t want to receive these kind of opportunities, let us know.