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Have our team create content for your venue, show or festival

Selling out shows through boosting on TikTok

Moon Walker's First Tour

Boosting your posts with us will get you in front of the right audiences, consistently. We can direct your fans to a ticket link so they can easily purchase tickets to your shows!

Creating TikTok content, so you don't have to

Games We Play - Touring Content

No one cares about your BTS videos on TikTok. Social content isn’t just posting memes or resharing boring videos that an artist had to make. It’s about telling stories. Your shows are amazing, it’s time to show it

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Why shouldn't I just boost my own videos?

Our team aggregated data through TikTok ads for years and created the best audiences for you and your music. TLDR – we reach more people and sell more tickets with less work on your part

I hate creating content, it's cringey and I never had success on TikTok

We feel you. That’s why we’re trying to approach TikTok like a tool to acquire fans in a systematic way. We want you to put the least amount of effort possible when it comes to your content.

I don't have a TikTok ad account. Can I still run ads?

Yup! We run your ads for you 🙂

Do you provide reporting?

On boost campaigns we provide a detailed reporting dashboard

Do you guarantee minimum views or clicks?

We can’t guarantee results on boosted posts. We can put your content in front of people, but they might not respond to it. For best results – consult our team before launching a boost

My videos are only getting 200 views, am I shadow banned?

It’s unlikely that your account’s reach is limited. We’re happy to look into it for you – but 9.9 times out of 10 – you’re not shadow banned – your content just needs some work.